Q2. Which plots can I Color by Venn?

The Color by Venn option is available for Profile Plots, Scatter Plots, and Cy3 vs Cy5 Plots.

Q6. Can I select more than one Venn Diagram in the Color by Venn option?

No, GeneSpring provides you with a list of all the open Venn Diagrams, from which you can choose only one for applying the Color by Venn option to any of your open Profile Plots, Scatter Plots, or Cy3 vs Cy5 Plots.

Q5. Can I use the 'Color by Venn' feature if the Venn Diagram was created using entity lists from a different experiment?

Yes, the Color by Venn option will also work in this situation.

Q4. Is it possible to undo the effect of Color by Venn?

To undo the effect of Color by Venn, relaunch the respective plot and its rendering will return to the original status.

Q3. The Profile Plot doesn't change even after I selected Color by Venn. Why?

The Profile Plot will not change if none of the entities that it contains are present in the selected Venn Diagram.

Q1. What are the use cases of the 'Color by Venn' feature?

The Color by Venn feature is used to differentiate entities in an open Profile Plot, Scatter Plot, or Cy3 vs Cy5 Plot based on the presence of these entities in the different regions of a Venn Diagram.

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