August 2017: GeneSpring GX 14.9 version is available

GeneSpring GX 14.9 version provides support for downstream analysis of externally quanitified RNA-Seq data. This allows to perform expression analysis workflows on quantified RNA-Seq data and enables visualization and biological contextualization. This version also supports import of data from Affymetrix transcriptome arrays including HTA, MTA, RTA, and Clariom to perform expression and splicing analysis. Splicing analysis visualization has been improved to measure exon and junction probesets in the context of reference transcript models from Ensembl, RefSeq, or UCSC. This version also supports performing data normalization and correlation analysis using a custom R-Script and four sample custom R-scripts have been included. In this version, you could also filter entities based on Shapiro Wilk or D’Augostino Pearson test of normality for further statistical analysis. Some other key features of this version has improvements in Venn including, support for more than 4 entity lists, cross experiment analysis on chosen entity annotation, and an entity matching inspector to review the analysis to be performed. Try the new version of GeneSpring GX here.