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License Management

The License Manager accessible from the Help > License Manager menu item provides basic information about your license. The top part of the License Manager shows the Order ID(s) that were used to activate the license. If you are using a floating server to activate and license GeneSpring, you will see the port and the host name of the license server. You need to note the Order ID(s) to refer to your installation for support requests.

Surrender License

This utility allows you to surrender your current Desktop license temporarily. You must be connected to the internet for surrender to operate. The surrender utility is used if you want to check-in the license into the license server and check-out the license on another machine. This utility is useful to transfer licenses from one machine to another, like from an office desktop machine to a laptop machine, or even if you wish to uninstall and reinstall GeneSpring on a different machine.

Instructions for surrendering GeneSpring 13.0 Licenses (pdf, 564 KB)

Note that the Desktop license can be activated from only one installation at any time. Thus, when you surrender the license, the current installation will be in-activated. You will be prompted to confirm your intent to surrender the license and clicking OK will surrender the license as well as shut the tool. If you want to activate your license on another machine, you will need to remember the Order ID(s) and enter the Order ID(s) in the License Activation Dialog, when the application is launched.

If you are not connected to the Internet, or if you are unable to reach the license server, you can do a manual surrender. You will be prompted with a dialog to confirm manual surrender. If you confirm, then the current installation will be deactivated. Follow the on-screen instructions. Upload the file INSTALL_DIR/Agilent/GeneSpringGX/bin/license/surrender.bin to and enter the Order ID(s). This will surrender the licenses which can then be reused on another machine.

Change License

This utility allows you to change the Order ID(s) of the product and activate the product with new Order ID(s). This utility is used to procure a different set of modules or change the module status and module expiry of the current installation. If you had a limited duration trial license and you convert the license to an annual license, and have new Order ID(s), use the Change button. This will launch a dialog for Order ID(s). Enter the new Order ID(s). This will activate GeneSpring with the new Order ID(s) and all the modules and module status will conform to the new Order ID(s).

Re-activate License

This utility allows you to reactivate the license from the license server with the same Order ID(s) and on the same machine. The operation will prompt a dialog to confirm the action, after which the license(s) will be reactivated and the tool will be shut down. When the tool is launched again, it will launch with the license obtained for the same Order ID(s). Note that reactivation can be done only on the same machine with the same Order ID. This utility may be necessary, if you purchase an extension for your license of the product, and you are asked by support to re-activate the license(s) for the extension to take effect.

If you have questions about managing your GeneSpring licenses, please contact support.