GeneSpring WorkGroupPlus

GeneSpring WorkGroupPlus is a high-performance GeneSpring application with sharing, central storage, user access control, automated backup functionality and is network independent, enabling enterprise-wide collaboration of different research groups.

It is supported on all GeneSpring modules. All GeneSpring WorkGroupPlus components (Client Application, Server Software, Floating License Server Software and DB) reside on the same server to increase application performance. Users remotely login to the server to launch multiple instances of the same GeneSpring Client.

GeneSpring WorkGroupPlus Architecture

GeneSpring WorkgroupPlus

Server Components

  • WorkGroupPlus Server Software
  • Web-based GeneSpring Manager
  • Floating License Server Software
  • Local PostgreSQL dB, flatfile system
  • GeneSpring 12.6 onwards Client

WorkGroupPlus Server

  • Works with the latest version of GeneSpring Client.
  • Enables collaboration via built-in sharing functionality.
  • Remote connection to GeneSpring Client.
  • User access control.
  • Network independent.
  • Webservices APIs.

GeneSpring WorkGroupPlus Web-based Manager

  • Users & groups management and access control.
  • Sample/experiments/projects management.
  • Annotation management.
  • GeneSpring server utilities.

GeneSpring WorkGroupPlus Floating License Server (FLS)

  • License Management is achieved through the Floating License Server.
  • GeneSpring server system will be activated using multi-user license keys only (no named users).
  • Responsible for restricting the number of users to the number of available concurrent seats.
  • Determines how the four GeneSpring modules coexist on one system.
  • Allows users to check out only the modules they need.
  • Provides FLS administrators the ability to control user access and to log off ‘dormant’ users.