Q6. Why the error "CHIPTYPE_NONE" while trying to import the data file into GeneSpring?

You could get this error for the following reasons:
This error could occur while creating the experiment, if the ‘Experiment type’ chosen does not match the data files. Please select the right Experiment type and proceed with the analysis.
Reason 2:
This error could also occur in case you are trying to import the data in an un-supported file format.

Q5. Is there a limit to the number of samples that you could import in an experiment?

It really depends on what kind of samples you are working with. Please find the benchmarking table for GeneSpring version in the table below:

Q4. Why I am getting an error " Unknown exception occurred while running back end algorithm". While loading the Affymetrix .CEL files?

This error occurs when special characters appear anywhere within the file path of the input CEL files. The workaround to resolve this error is to place the CEL files in a directory that does not have any special characters in the file path.

Q3. Can I create an experiment by using .xls file with Affymetrix Chips? It seems that it just recognizes .CEL file. How can I load the .xls file into GeneSpring?

A. GeneSpring supports Affymetrix CEL and CHP files as standard format.
The other file formats such as .txt, .xls, .tsv and .csv are not recognised a standard file formats from affymetrix, but can be imported into GeneSpring for analysis.
You could work with .xls file by ‘Creating a Custom Technology’. To create a custom technology, follow the steps below:
1. Go to Annotations in the Menu bar -> Create Technology -> Custom from File

Q2. Can I import Affymetrix text and pivot files as standard technologies in GeneSpring 12.x?

Affymetrix text and pivot files can be loaded in GeneSpring 12.x as standard data and is associated to the standard technologies.

Q1. What file formats does GeneSpring support for Gene Expression analysis?

Please find the file formats supported in GeneSpring application for different Gene expression analysis Experiment Types below:
Affymetrix Expression, Affymetrix Exon Expression, Affymetrix Splicing Experiment Type/Affymetrix copy Number, Affymetrix Association analysis- .CEL / .CHP file format
Illumina Single Color, Illumina Copy Number/Illumina Association Analysis Experiment Type - .txt file format
Agilent Single Color, Agilent Two Color and Agilent miRNA Experiment Type: .txt file format
Pathway Experiment - .txt, .tsv, .csv and .xls

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