Please find the file formats supported in GeneSpring application for different Gene expression analysis Experiment Types below:
Affymetrix Expression, Affymetrix Exon Expression, Affymetrix Splicing Experiment Type/Affymetrix copy Number, Affymetrix Association analysis- .CEL / .CHP file format
Illumina Single Color, Illumina Copy Number/Illumina Association Analysis Experiment Type - .txt file format
Agilent Single Color, Agilent Two Color and Agilent miRNA Experiment Type: .txt file format
Pathway Experiment - .txt, .tsv, .csv and .xls
RT-PCR Experiment Type - RQ 1.2, RQ 2.1, RQ 2.2 and RQ 2.3 formats of the ABI's 7900HT RT-PCR system
Generic Single Color and Generic Two Color Experiment Type: .txt, .tsv, .csv and .xls
Note: Here in generic experiment, the user has an option to select the Identifier and the Signal column based on preference, unlike the above mentioned Standard Experiment Types.