Please follow the steps to disable and to select the other normalization methods.
1. Disable the "Perform Quantile Normalization" option under ToolsOptionsAffymetrix Exon Summarization AlgorithmsExon PLIER/Iter PLIERUn-Check 'Perform Quantile Normalization'.
2. Create the Exon Expression experiment in GeneSpring.
3. After getting the data in, export 'All Entities' from the right clickExport entity list option.
4. Import it back in as a Generic Experiment. (i.e. create a custom technology using the exported data) Please
Note: when you are importing data back into GX11, it is already in log scale, so while creating the generic experiment you should explicitly select the option "Please select if your data is in log scale" so that log transformation is not performed on the data again.
5.Once you have your data as a custom experiment, you can perform any of the normalization methods available for Generic single color data.