To import pathways from BioCyc ( in GeneSpring, follow these steps:

  • Go to Tools > Import Pathways from BioCyc > From Agilent Server.
  • Select the desired organisms in the Automatic Software Update dialog that opens. Click Update.
  • An Information dialog informs you of the size requirements for downloading all the pathways for the selected organisms. Click OK.
  • Another Information dialog confirms when the download is complete. Click OK.

If you are not able to import pathways from the Agilent Server (for example because of an internet connectivity issue), you can request GeneSpring support to email you an update file for the organisms of your choice and select Tools > Import Pathways from BioCyc > From Update File... instead. You have to save this file to your computer and point to it in the Please Select A .update File dialog. The remaining steps are the same as described above.
All imported pathways are stored in a central pathway database that can be searched via Search > Pathways.