When adding a new entity to a pathway with the Add entity icon, either while creating a new pathway or during one of the NLP Networks workflows, the only required property is 'Synonym'. GeneSpring uses this property to search the appropriate Interaction Databases for a match

If the entity already exists in one of the Interaction Databases, GeneSpring prevents you from adding the entity through this process. To add such an entity to the pathway, drag the symbol that represents the desired entity type in the Entity Legend into the Pathway Viewer and type the same term in the Search dialog that opens. Select the appropriate entity from the search results and click OK.

If GeneSpring does not find a match for the 'Synonym' property that you provided you can continue creating this new entity by adding as many properties as possible. For example, Entrez Gene ID, Unigene ID, and other annotations are particularly useful, as they are used for matching during Single Experiment or Multi-Omic Analysis and any of the NLP Networks workflows. The 'Synonym' property is not used for this purpose.