If multiple users want to use GeneSpring with a single license, then your organisation can purchase a GeneSpring desktop floating/concurrent license. In this case, a single license with a number of concurrent keys specified by you will be issued. The number of concurrent keys determines how many users are able to use GeneSpring at the same time. This license needs to be activated through the Floating License Server application, which serves licenses to the client installations and controls the number of users that can use GeneSpring simultaneously, based on the number of concurrent keys that were purchased with the license.
To activate the GeneSpring client software, the user needs to provide the IP address of the machine where the Floating License Server has been installed. This will assign them one concurrent key from the number of concurrent keys available at the Floating License Server. If another user would like to start GeneSpring after all the concurrent keys have already been assigned, an existing user would have to shut down GeneSpring for the new user to be able to start GeneSpring.