You could get this error for the following reasons:
This error could occur while creating the experiment, if the ‘Experiment type’ chosen does not match the data files. Please select the right Experiment type and proceed with the analysis.
Reason 2:
This error could also occur in case you are trying to import the data in an un-supported file format.
For Example: GeneSpring only supports the data files generated by Feature Extractor (FE) version 8.5 and later version. In case the data files generated by earlier versions of FE are imported, this error may occur. In this case you would need to bring the data files as custom data.
To work with custom data, create a custom technology before you load the samples into GeneSpring.
To create custom technology go to -> GeneSpring menu bar -> Annotations ->Create Technology -> Custom from File. For more details on custom technology creation, please refer the chapter 13 and 14 from GeneSpring manual.