Frequently Asked Questions


To export a list of probes to eArray, right-click on the chosen entity list in the Experiment Navigator and select Export to eArray. This enables you to export 'Genomic Coordinates' or 'GenBank Accession' data depending on the experiment type (Expression, Target Enrichment, or RNA Enrichment).

Yes, you need to have an account and associated log in information for the eArray portal in order to submit a probe list.

Yes, it is possible to export either all or a selection of entities displayed in a pathway to eArray. To export the list, right-click the Pathway Viewer and select Export to eArray. In the Export to eArray dialog, choose whether you want to export all entities or only the selected entities and the experiment type (Expression or RNA Enrichment). When exporting pathway entities to eArray, only 'GenBank Accession' data can be exported.

The Export to eArray functionality in GeneSpring allows you to export a maximum of 10,000 genomic coordinates or GenBank Accession numbers.