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GeneSpring Floating License Server

Make sure you have downloaded (registration required) the shared license server installer for your operating system.

The Floating License Server for GeneSpring is an Apache-Tomcat based web application and has been designed to allow maximal use of module based licenses.

System Requirements for the Floating License Server

  1. The Floating License Server can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems.
  2. The machine used for installing the Floating License Server should be accessible via the port on which the Apache-Tomcat server is run. By default this port is 8080. System administrators have to ensure that firewalls are modified to allow access to the server.See below for the steps to change the default port.

Installing the Floating License Server

  1. You need to have the Floating License Server installable zip file. See above for the link to the installers page.
  2. Save, unzip and extract the installable .zip file to any location on your machine.

Activating and Starting the Server

Before the Floating License Server can start serving licenses for client applications it has to be activated with a license.

Follow these steps to access, activate, and start the Floating License Server:

  1. Open the Command Prompt in Windows or the Terminal in Mac or Linux machines.
  2. cd to the Floating License Server installation directory.
  3. Run FloatingServer.bat using the commnad FloatingServer.bat start in Windows or ./FloatingServer start in Linux /Mac to start the Tomcat processes.
  4. Open an internet browser and point to the main page of the Floating License Server:
    Here [Server_Name] represents the name of the machine where the GeneSpring Floating server has been installed. If you are accessing the Floating License Server from the same machine as the server, use localhost.
  5. Enter username and password. Please refer to the manual for the same.
  6. Activate the server from License → Activate
  7. Enter the module specific Floating License Server Order ID(s) you received from GeneSpring Team and provide Proxy settings, if any.
    Wait for confirmation that activation was successful.
  8. Once license activation is complete, start the server by clicking on Start service. The start service can also be found from License → License Manager.

    The Floating License Server is now ready to start serving licenses to client applications. If you face problems in activating the License Server, contact Support

Manual activation for the Floating License Server

  • In case you do not have web access from the License Server or if you face problems activating the License Server automatically, you will need to do the above step manually. Go to The Manual Activation Page, enter the Order ID and upload the activation key file manualActivation.txt available in the bin/license subfolder. In response, the strand.lic file will be sent to the designated person (designated at the time of Order ID creation) via email. Save this attachment and copy it into the bin/license subfolder. Once you have saved the strand.lic file, follow the instructions below to start up the License Server.
  • Changing port

    The default port of the Floating License Server is 8080. To change it to another port, follow these steps:

  • 1. Change the port information in the /FloatingServer/apache-tomcat-7.0.29/conf/server.xml file located in the Floating License Server installation directory:
  • i) Search for the text “8080” (it will be within a “Connector” tag, for example: Connector port=”8080” protocol=”HTTP/1.1” ...) and replace 8080 with a free port.
  • ii) Search for the text “8005” (it will be within a “Server” tag, for example: Server port=”8005” shutdown=”SHUTDOWN”) and replace 8005 with a free port.
  • iii) Search for the text “8009” (it will be within a “Connector” tag, for example: Connector port=”8009” protocol=”AJP/1.3” ...) and replace 8009 with a free port.

  • 2. Change the port information in the FloatingServer file:

    On Windows: In the file /FloatingServer/FloatingServer.bat search for the text "9999". (for example: set CATALINA_OPTS=-Xmx1024m -server ) and replace 9999 with a free port.

    On Linux or Mac: In the file /FloatingServer/FloatingServer , search for the text "9999". (for example : CATALINA_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -server ) and replace 9999 with a free port

  • 3. Mac or Linux machines only: Make the following additional change:

    In the file /FloatingServer/FloatingServer, search for the text 8080 (it will be there five times in the file), and replace with the port of your choice.

  • Connecting a GeneSpring client to the Floating License Server

    Once you have installed, activated, and started the new Floating License Server you can connect the GeneSpring client applications to the Floating License Server.

    1. Launch GeneSpring.
    2. Select the Shared License from Server option in the License Activation dialog.
    3. Provide the License server address of the Floating License Server in the following format: port@ip address, for example 8080@