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GeneSpring 13.0 New
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Introducing WorkGroupPlus
A High-Performance GeneSpring application with Sharing, Central Storage, User-Access Control, and Automated Backup functionality.


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GeneSpring 12.6 Modules

  • mRNA
  • miRNA
  • Alternative Splicing
  • Copy Number
  • GWAS
  • qPCR
  • Custom Arrays

  • Whole Genome Sequence Analysis
  • Optimized for Agilent SureSelect Target Enrichment
  • RNA-Seq
  • DNA-Seq
  • Methyl-Seq
  • ChIP-Seq
  • Small RNA-Seq

  Transitioning to Strand NGS

  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Support for GC/MS, LC/MS, CE/MS and ICP-MS
  • Support for NMR data
  • Generic Import
  • Integrated ID Browser

  • Multi-omic Pathway Analysis
  • Network Discovery
  • Natural Language Processing
  • MeSH Networks
  • BioCyc, Wikipathways, BioPax Level III
  • BridgeDb Mapping
  • Support for External Pathway Tools