Q5. Is it possible to export sample parameter plots?

Yes, the plots can be exported. They are exported as part of the cluster tree export. Right-click on the dendrogram view and select “Export as”. Select the export type from “Report, Image, or Html” and whether you want to export the Detailed or the Combined View”. The next step will allow you to select individually which sample parameter plots that you would like to export.

Q4. Can I sort the sample parameter plot?

Yes, you can sort the sample parameter plot using the “Sort on parameter” icon. Please note that the cluster on samples/conditions will be removed when data is sorted on a parameter value.

Q3. What types of sample parameter plots are available for numeric and non-numeric parameters?

Below is the list of plots supported in GeneSpring for different categories of sample metadata:
● Heatmap- Both numeric and categorical
● Scatter plot- Only numeric
● Profile plot- Only numeric
● Bar chart- Only numeric
● Label plot- Both numeric and categorical

Q2. I would like to see the staging parameter on a cluster tree created on an interpretation based on dosage information. Can I display this information alongside the cluster tree?

GeneSpring 13 allows you to plot parameter values in a clustering view. To be able to see stage information, please enter the staging information as a new parameter through the Experiment Grouping functionality available from the Workflow Browser. Next, launch the cluster tree created on the dosage interpretation and click the “Sample Parameters Plot” drop-down icon. Select the type of plot you want to use to display the staging parameter, for example Heatmap.

Q1. What is the metadata framework in GeneSpring and how can I access this functionality ?

The metadata framework allows you to visualize sample parameters like administrative data, sample parameters, or others alongside your clustered experiment data in the form of sample parameter plots.

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