Q4. How can I export annotations along with a report?

To export annotations, please use the following procedure:
1. Inspect the entity list of interest.
2. Configure the technology column so that the annotation of your interest appears under “Selected items” and save the changes.
3. Launch the view with the entity list of interest being the active entity list -> Right-click over the view -> Export as-> Report.
4. Select “Advanced” in the report type.
5. Move the annotation of your interest to “Selected items”.

Q3. How can I merge the reports before exporting?

To merge reports before exporting, please follow the steps below:
1. Save the reports.
2. Right-click on the reports individually and mark them as Global report.
3. Go to the Global items.
4. Select the reports of interest.
5. Right-click and select Merge.

Q2. Can I export the reports as pdf files?

Yes, GeneSpring 13 allows you to export reports in the .pdf format. To be able to export views as .pdf files, Right-click on the view -> Export as -> Report -> Select download as pdf.

Q1. What are the export options available for the various views in GeneSpring?

You may export a view as report, image, html, or text file.

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