You would encounter the Error 3007 due to an issue with the proxy or firewall settings of your system or if you are not connected to the internet.
In case the system is behind a proxy server, provide server details in the activation dialog box during activation. Check with your system administrator regarding your organisation's proxy settings.
Auto-activation is only possible when you are connected to Internet.
If the proxy or firewall settings are fine and your computer is connected to the internet but you are still unable to activate GeneSpring, then please follow the instructions below for Manual Activation:

  1. Please open the link below in a computer which is connected to the internet:
  2. Enter the Order ID/IDs and attach the manualActivation.txt file (this can be found under \bin\license folder of your GeneSpring installation directory) in the Activation File field.
  3. Click Submit. You will receive one or more .lic files by email.
  4. Copy these .lic files into the \bin\license folder.
  5. Launch GeneSpring.

GeneSpring should be activated now. Please contact GeneSpring Support if the issue persists or if you would like assistance with manual activation.