Q4. Why do I get the error - 'Error 4015: Cannot connect to license server' when I start GeneSpring using a shared license?

Error 4015 appears, if the Floating License Server has stopped or the connection between the server and the client is disrupted (LAN or internet). Please note that, each time you reboot the server machine the Floating License Server has to be re-started.
To get the current status of the server (if it is a Windows machine), please follow the steps below:

Q1. Why do I get ‘Error 2400: Duplicate Order ID’ when I enter the Order ID?

This error appears if you are using the same Order ID to activate GeneSpring on two different systems.
GeneSpring has the 'Surrender' feature which is useful to transfer the Order ID from one system to another. To surrender an Order ID follow the steps below:

Q3. I am getting 'Error 3007: Could not connect online. Auto activation has failed.' while trying to activate GeneSpring. How can I resolve this problem?

You would encounter the Error 3007 due to an issue with the proxy or firewall settings of your system or if you are not connected to the internet.
In case the system is behind a proxy server, provide server details in the activation dialog box during activation. Check with your system administrator regarding your organisation's proxy settings.
Auto-activation is only possible when you are connected to Internet.

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