Frequently Asked Questions


There are two types of license model for GeneSpring:
1) Desktop License
2) Enterprise/Workgroup License
Desktop License:
GeneSpring Desktop licenses can be divided into two categories :
a) Fixed / Standalone license
b) Floating / Concurrent license
Enterprise/Workgroup License:
Enterprise licenses can be divided into two categories :
i) Work Group Server (WG Server)
ii) Work Group Client (WG_Client)
GeneSpring Work Group Server/ Enterprise licenses are only available as fixed licenses.
GeneSpring Work Group Client can be further classified as:
a) Fixed / Standalone license
b) Floating / Concurrent license
Currently module specific licenses are available for GeneSpring (WG Client or Desktop Client) software. There are four modules in GeneSpring which can be obtained separately. They are GeneSpring GX (Gene Expression), GeneSpring MPP (Mass Profiler Professional), GeneSpring NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and GeneSpring PA (Pathway Architect).

A GeneSpring fixed license is system specific. This type of license can only be activated on individual machines, and cannot be transferred to other machines without being surrendered on the previous machine first.

A floating license / concurrent license allows multiple users to share the use of an application. A single floating license can be used by a number of concurrent users. The Floating License Server holds the license and serves licenses to the users based on availability. The number of concurrent keys has to be specified at the time of purchase. This number determines the maximum number of GeneSpring applications that can be run simultaneously.
For example, if you have purchased a floating license with two concurrent keys, GeneSpring can be installed on multiple systems (more than two) but GeneSpring can only be used on two machines at a time.

A fixed license is specific for a single machine and can be accessed by a single user at any given time, whereas a floating/concurrent license can be used by multiple users at a time with the help of concurrent licenses (see Q3.).

If multiple users want to use GeneSpring with a single license, then your organisation can purchase a GeneSpring desktop floating/concurrent license. In this case, a single license with a number of concurrent keys specified by you will be issued. The number of concurrent keys determines how many users are able to use GeneSpring at the same time. This license needs to be activated through the Floating License Server application, which serves licenses to the client installations and controls the number of users that can use GeneSpring simultaneously, based on the number of concurrent keys that were purchased with the license.
To activate the GeneSpring client software, the user needs to provide the IP address of the machine where the Floating License Server has been installed. This will assign them one concurrent key from the number of concurrent keys available at the Floating License Server. If another user would like to start GeneSpring after all the concurrent keys have already been assigned, an existing user would have to shut down GeneSpring for the new user to be able to start GeneSpring.

Please visit the GeneSpring support portal at
Select the ‘Request Free Trial’ option and you will be asked to register to download the free trial if you have not registered already.
If you are already registered, please log into the portal to download the software and request the trial license following these instructions:

  1. Review the System Requirements.
  2. Download GeneSpring Software.
  3. Request 7 day trial License.

You will be asked to answer certain questions before we can provide a trial license. Submit the answers and you will be sent an email containing your trial license.

You can work with both GeneSpring GX 7.3 and GeneSpring 12.x simultaneously on the same computer if you have separate licenses for each version.

It is not possible to activate GeneSpring 12.x using a GeneSpring 7.3 license key. To activate GeneSpring 12.x you require a new valid 'Order ID'.

You cannot use one Order ID to activate two instances of GeneSpring.
To activate another instance of GeneSpring on a virtual machine which is on the same machine, using the same Order ID, you need to 'Surrender' the license/Order ID from the first instance. Then, use the same license to activate GeneSpring on the virtual machine (To surrender the Order ID: Go to Help -> License Manager -> Surrender).
When you want to switch back, you need to surrender the Order ID again.