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Advisory on GeneSpring GX version 7 Support

Announcing the End of Support for GeneSpring GX version 7

Dear GeneSpring GX users,

Technical support for GeneSpring GX 7.3.1 is no longer being provided. In addition, we have ceased to update GeneSpring GX 7.3.1 genomes and annotations located on Agilent servers. Customer reported bugs and feature requests will only be reviewed in the context of new GeneSpring versions. No further development or fixes will be made to GeneSpring GX 7.3.1.

Customers should upgrade to the latest GeneSpring GX version in order to continue full access to technical support and to take advantage of the latest improvements and features.

Please contact us for further information. Agilent is committed to continue evolving the features and functions of the GeneSpring Suite of products. We sincerely appreciate your continued use of GeneSpring!

Best regards,

GeneSpring GX Technical Support